🔗How to integrate your ChatofAI chatbot with Telegram?

1. Create a Telegram Bot

Following these steps, you can create a chatbot in Telegram and get the access token to connect the chatbot with your AI chatbot!

1.1 Search for "BotFather" and open it.

1.2 Hit the "Start" button.

1.3 Type the command "/newbot" and hit enter.

1.4 Type a name for your bot and press enter.

1.5 Give a username for your bot and hit enter again.

1.6 Copy the access token.

2. Set up Telegram integration

In this step, we'll guide you through the process of setting up a webhook for your Telegram bot to connect with our AI chatbots.

By following these instructions, your chatbot will be able to receive messages and reply to your users on Telegram bots.

2.1 Go to your chatbot Integration dashboard

2.2 Connect your Telegram

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