🔗How to add your ChatofAI chatbot to your Wix website?

1. Introduction

👋 Are you looking to add a delightful chatbot to your website built on Wix.com? Look no further! 👇 This article will explore how you can effortlessly integrate ChatofAI's chatbot into your Wix website using simple copy-paste methods. With iframe or widget integration, you can create your 24/7 customer support chatbot without any coding skills required.

ChatofAI offers a user-friendly and interactive chatbot that can enhance the visitor experience on your Wix.com website. By embedding this chatbot, you can automate responses, provide instant support, and engage with your audience in a personalized manner. Let's dive into the steps for integration.

2. How to Integrate (Using Iframe or Widget)

2.1 Sign in to ChatofAI and set up your bot

Please refer to the https://docs.chatof.ai/getting-started/chatbot-setup for more information.

2.2 Integrate with Your Wix Website

Open your Wix.com website editor and select your desired edit page.

Click the "Add" button to embed chatbot "HTML code" to your page.

Copy and paste your ChatofAI chatbot embed code.

Adjust your chatbot interface, such as width, height, and alignment.

Embed as iframe

Embed as a widget(chat bubble)

Page Widget:

Website(full-page) Widget (Recommended! )

Details: https://help.wixanswers.com/kb/en/article/installing-a-widget-on-your-wix-site

Effortlessly integrate ChatofAI's chatbot into your Wix.com website using iframe or widget integration. Enhance user engagement and provide instant support without any coding. Start building your own website customer service chatbot today! 🚀

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