🔗How to integrate your ChatofAI chatbot with Slack?

Connect to Slack

Log in to ChatofAI and navigate to the bot's settings page -> Integrations. Locate Slack and click "Connect." Choose the workspace you want to integrate with and click "Allow." ChatofAI is now integrated into your Slack workspace.

Getting Started with ChatofAI

Log in to Slack, select the workspace, and in the Apps menu, you'll find ChatofAI's APP. Click on it to start a conversation. You can also add it to a specific channel and mention it (@ChatofAI) in the channel to receive responses.

Name Modification

Click on "About-Configuration" to modify the bot's name.

Is Avatar Modification Supported?

Unfortunately, it's not possible to modify the avatar. Currently, Slack does not support changes to information, including the avatar and description. Please follow the instructions in the document above for more details.

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