ChatofAI Changelog | 2024-01-19

📢 Exciting Update from ChatofAI! 🚀


Branding/Theme Color Customization 😍

We are delighted to unveil an exciting new feature in the Chatbot Settings Interface: Brand Customization. Users now have the power to tailor the chatbot's branding and theme colors to their liking, adding a personalized touch to the overall user experience. The update also includes a user-friendly live preview option, enabling real-time visualization of selected branding and theme color changes.

New features

  • Branding Color Customization: Personalize the chatbot's branding color to match your unique style.

  • Theme Color Customization: Select your preferred theme colors to harmonize with your brand or personal preferences.

  • Live Preview: Experience immediate previews of the chosen branding and theme colors.

In addition, you can now customize various aspects of your chatbot's appearance, including the logo, chat bubble background, message color, welcome messages, and sample questions, ensuring seamless alignment with your brand and website theme. Preview these changes effortlessly during customization.

We believe these enhancements will elevate your product experience. Your ongoing support is deeply appreciated, and we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to serve you even better!

New Feature Screenshot:

Check it out at ChatofAI. Your feedback is invaluable!

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