📢 Exciting New Features from ChatofAI! 🚀

1. Retrain Your AI Chatbot By Editing Answers 😍

Continuously improve your AI chatbot by observing when it makes mistakes and correcting them.

This new feature will revolutionize how you train your AI 🤯

Say goodbye to struggling to find the perfect formula or format for your prompts.

Instead of feeling frustrated when your AI makes a mistake, or wishing it could respond better, now you just edit the answer and watch as your AI learns from it.

This means your AI becomes a constantly improving conversational wizard!

New Feature Screenshot:

2. Leads Notification with Telegram 🚀

Now, when a customer leaves an inquiry message on your chatbot, you can receive message notifications via Telegram, allowing you to address customer inquiries more promptly and assist your business! For more details, please refer to 👉 leads-capture-and-notification.

New Feature Screenshot:

3. Support Excel/CSV Import

We have added support for Chatbot corpus import formats, welcoming Excel and CSV as new members.

We convert Excel and CSV into Markdown, a text format that AI can understand, particularly for tables. The technology behind it is supported by our Free Document Parsing API: Readable Parser

Explore these exciting updates at ChatofAI. Your feedback is invaluable!

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